Wooden Toys, Etc.


My name is Steve Russell. I do craft fairs under the name “Wooden Toys, Etc.” I have been a woodworker for over 30 years. I till like to see pieces of wood transformed into trucks, trains, doll cradles, puzzles for a child to play with, or a TV table that is sturdy even on carpeting. I enjoy special orders from my customers. My cars and trucks are made from maple with a bit of cherry or walnut added as the fenders or roof just for color as my trucks are not painted, but rather have a mineral oil finish. I do paint some things — always with a non-toxic paint. I take pride in my work, and love to hear a customer say “I bought that for my son and now his son is playing with it.” I also guarantee my toys against normal wear and tear.

Steve & Judy Russell
Wooden Toys, Etc.
Iron River, Michigan

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