Luann Poll

Luann Poll of Athelstane, WI, learned about Acrylic Pour Painting from her friend Nancy in the not to distant past and jumped in with both feet!  Finding joy in the movement of paint and all the colors, it has turned into a passion. The jewelry creations are an off shoot of the paint pouring process on canvas as there is almost always a lot of paint run off and the waste was an unwanted end result.  Thanks to hours of watching YouTube and joining a number of acrylic painting groups, much has been learned. 

Her creations not only include the actual paintings in various sizes and all different types of jewelry, but also glass items, coasters, magnets, retractable badge holders, phone pop up stands, compact mirrors, and beautiful notecards.  Custom orders are also offered.  She admits that she’s always looking for something to pour paint on and that her husband and dogs give her a wide berth when the paints are out! Lol!

Luann and her husband, John, were high school sweethearts and have been married since 1974.  They moved to Athelstane, WI full time in 2011. She does have a connection to the Iron Mountain community and has been coming up to the area for many years.  She is the youngest sister to Larry Juul of Town and Country Sales in Quinnesec and one of the favorite aunts of Steve Juul.  Retiring to the peace of the north woods of Wisconsin, the paint pouring process has opened up a whole new world to her!  She understands that this abstract form of painting is not for everyone, but personally loves it and has found out that others do, too!

Luann is very excited to be participating in Art For All 2021 and is looking forward to this new and exciting experience.  Luann can be reached at (847) 401-1147 – text or call.  Also check out Pouring Jewels – Acrylic Art and Jewelry by Luann Juul Poll. 

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