Droste Pottery

Online Only.

To view her full collection or purchase online, visit the Droste Pottery website.

Amy Droste was hooked on pottery the first time she sat down at a pottery wheel. And 40 years later, she is still hooked.  She is not sure if it is a passion or obsession but if she is not making pottery, she is thinking about it and dreaming about what she can try next.

She makes functional pottery using her pottery wheel then add texture designs to the clay. She layers her glazes so that when they are fired they flow and intermingle around the textures to create interesting color combinations. Each piece of pottery is original and unique.

She strives to create pieces that are durable enough for everyday use (they are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe) and pretty enough to be on display. She hopes you enjoy my pottery as much as she enjoy making it.

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