Jessica Oratch

Meet our 2020 Student Scholarship winner, Jessica Oratch. Jessica Oratch, a recent graduate of Niagara High School, is an artist who typically paints in an abstract style. She uses palette knives to create thick, colorful strokes on usually large canvases. Jessica has won the title of “Artist of the Month” twice at Niagara, as well …

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Kathy Kuczek

Artist ~ Author ~ Illustrator Kathy loves all kinds of art – but her favorite is Whimsy.  Bright colors or silly characters are a great refuge when life gets too crazy. Her landscape paintings reflect a sense of calm and have an illustrative style. She hopes some of her creations bring a smile to your …

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Norma Deyaert

Norma has been painting for 30 years. She does watercolor and mixed media. View her work at her home in the Moon Lake area at W8660 Orchard St, Iron Mountain, MI. Location:W8660 Orchard St, Iron MountainUse your phone to navigate to the location on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

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