Barry Dalberto

Author ~ Fiber & Wood

I was a late bloomer. At 40 years old, I was working at a job pouring molten metal into ingots in a small town north of Milwaukee.  I have always loved the beauty and sufficiency in nature and pulled some wild grape vines from the rugged trees on the field’s edge and tried to weave a basket.  There were some failures at first, but I persevered and gave away the good ones to friends.  My style changed from a set pattern to free woven baskets that I began to sell at a flea market and some small, local craft fairs.  I gathered my raw materials from forests, along rivers and marshes.  I use strips of bark from willow, basswood and birch to weave into some of the baskets.  Perhaps my signature baskets are those which have curly birch bark woven around the outside.  A final step of brushing a U. V. resistant spar varnish, clear gloss on the inner bark curls, brings out their rich colors and protects against the sun’s fading the rich bark colors.  I still enjoy walking into the woods, gathering what nature and the loggers provide and figuring out the weaving patterns that turn into a strong, serviceable basket. 

My wife, Peg, and I recently moved to this area and enjoy the quiet, friendly little town we live in.  I often sit in the shade of our back yard’s massive spreading basswood tree and weave while watching nature’s wonders unfold.  We do not have a studio, therefore, I will continue to do art/craft shows.  Some are old favorites and others new and unknown, but always an adventure. 

Get in touch with the artist:

Barry Dalberto
740 Park Ave
Stanley WI, 54768

Brave, Nisayenh Ma’iingan

Barry J. Dalberto announces the publication of his second historical novel, Brave, Nisayenh Ma’iingan. The novel is set in 1801 at fur trading forts located on Lake Superior.

It has received praise from Ron Schara, founder of the Minnesota Bound television show and author of Minnesota’s Fishing Guide, who wrote, “…Barry Dalberto’s book, Brave, rekindles the era when Ojibwe lived off the rugged land and mighty waters and greeted the French-Canadian voyageurs in their quest for furs.”

Dalberto, a native of Iron Mountain, MI, is an expert outdoorsman whose love for rustic camping, fishing, nature, and canoeing tests his survival skills and infuses his writing. His respect for the Native American Ojibwe/Anishinaabeg and his admiration for the colorful, hardworking and fun-loving French-Canadian voyageurs are constant themes throughout the novel. Dalberto’s affection for his own companion dogs gives him the understanding to allow the reader to experience the bond that develops between Marquez Fisher and his wolf/husky dog, Brave.

Dalberto is available for interviews and in-person book signing events.

Both his first novel, Distant Dreamer, and the sequel novel, Brave, Nisayenh Ma’iingan, are available for purchase from the author. Distant Dreamer costs $19, including shipping. Brave, Nisayyenh Ma’iingan costs $21 including shipping.

To purchase a book, contact the author: Phone: 715-709-0141

Both books are available on Amazon in print format. Brave is available in digital format.

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